We offer different varieties of online team building for companies, from Virtual Escape Rooms to Virtual Wine Tasting for Companies. This is a great chance to develop communication skills and employee engagement, as well as learning about a topic that’s important to your industry or people. As a facilitator, you can make it into a competition where everyone votes on their favorite image or caption, or have your gallery be a place to share and connect asynchronously. Whatever you go with, ensure the photographs stay up and are collected and shared. Think of all the great stories and images you’ll have after a few months of running this activity! It can be a lovely shared resource for new team members getting to know everyone and is a great way to connect and engage with one another outside of a work context.

You can snap a screenshot of your most frequently used emojis and upload it for your team to see. If, like me, you and the folks on your remote team gravitate toward shrugs, flexes, Canada flags and Pokémon balls, then it is fun to see the record of it. To do Virtual Show & Tell, ask your coworkers to prepare a quick story in advance, or do a more spontaneous “grab something within arms reach” approach. We recommend the latter option, as it encourages quick and creative thinking.

virtual team building activities

Weak teams create weak results and team building activities combat that. Playing strategic video games requires high communication skills, quick thinking, fast reactions, planning strategies, etc. Playing video games is a great way to bring a team together.

Virtual Team Building Activities And Games For 2022

If all your remote colleagues do together is work projects, then that is all they are going to know they have in common. Instead, plan activities and conversations that allow team members to learn more about each other personally. When people learn they have common interests outside of work, like travel, pets, music and more, they form deeper bonds. Remember when we were little, and fun stuff sometimes came by mail? You can give your remote team members a boost of nostalgic dopamine by sending fun packages in the mail.

  • Divide each team member into twos, and when the host shouts out “rock paper scissors,” the team is to indict which one they picked with their hands.
  • A lot of people have talents outside of work and it can be fun for teams to show off their talents to their colleagues.
  • A digital celebration space can give your team the space they need to do just that.
  • Donut is an easy way to help your employees connect with each other and support virtual coffee breaks.
  • Another major player in the video conferencing apps is Webex.

A picture says a thousand words, so this is a great activity to introduce newer team members to each other and learn something new about them. It does not take a lot of time and allows people to open up about themselves through a fun anecdote or story. Every week choose one colleague to present their office space and their house/apartment.

We Develop Quality Attractive Online Team Building Activities To Raise Your Customer Satisfaction Level

Before they join, get them to send you the list of the questions you want them you answer. This sits high up on our list because it gets everyone talking for some time and allows different people to interact weekly. Play once a week or bi-weekly before or at the end of your team meeting.

virtual team building activities

The only downsides to Zoom are that the free version only allows 40-minute calls at a time. They have experienced security issues, so we suggest using a video app team building with more security features if you are discussing highly private information. Companies alike use Zoom for their daily meetings, and they offer free services.

Gif Challenge

Show & Tell is one of the best virtual team building ideas that promotes public speaking skills and storytelling. Having each of your team members share something about their lives also builds meaningful connections. One significant way of acknowledging your employees for their work is by making them feel seen. So much of our personal lives have blended into our work lives, so why not pay attention to those personal lives? Spice up your virtual meetings by making them a little less about work and a little more about what is going on outside the office.

One of the top free remote team building ideas for connection is listening to a podcast together. The best podcasts for your team are the ones that inspire the members and spur conversations. Foster fun and engagement, but this virtual https://globalcloudteam.com/ team activity allows coworkers to learn each others’ problem-solving processes in real time. Virtual Trivia sessions are 60 minute virtual team events over video. You can choose from themes like Rock-and-Roll and Interstellar.

Keep the water cooler moments alive by sharing photos or videos with the office. That’s what it’s so important to remove any communication barriers and create a work environment where people feel comfortable and connected. Create space in your agenda for a fun online energiser where participants are encouraged to find creative GIF-based responses to your questions. After each round, you can invite everyone to comment or vote on their favorites, and have additional rounds to crown a winner if you wish. Giving regular, thoughtful feedback is one of the most important ingredients in building meaningful relationships and ensuring teams can communicate effectively. Whatever the organisation, teams invariably have members with different skill sets and knowledge bases.

virtual team building activities

Let your book club members know what the book of the month is and give them a few weeks to read it. You could even provide inexpensive eBook copies of the book if your budget allows. Awards banquets and parties give you the chance to recognize your employees for a job well done.

Q: Why Do Virtual Team Building Activities Work?

Like most humans, I sometimes plan how I might react to fantastic and highly unlikely situations. What if some distant relative appeared and told me I was a princess of a small country, a la “The Princess Diaries? ” What if I got stranded on a highway in the middle of the desert? These wonderings might just seem like silly fun, but the scenarios flex my critical thinking skills.

Ask each team member to screenshot and share scores for every round. You can choose a fictional language like “Elvish,” or “Klingon,” for fun. Here is a list of high energy songs for conferences to start with.

Take the concept of a Daily Stand Up as a foundation of a team-building game. The purpose of a virtual team is to accomplish a goal, virtual or otherwise. In some cases a virtual team will pursue a business purpose like profit generation, while other virtual teams may have a mission based or community purpose.

virtual team building activities

Set a budget, assign everyone a teammate to buy a gift for (Elfster is a helpful tool if you want to keep the pairs a secret!), and then go shopping! Schedule a virtual meet-up to celebrate, open gifts, and reveal who had who. The price of a party at Bubble Bump Singapore is very low, with a per-person cost of $15. This includes using Bubble Balls, Bubble Suits, and a play area. The price of an event with the same characteristics as FunEmpire varies depending on the type.

Once all the guesses have been submitted, an answer key will be provided so that team members can see how well they guessed. The personal facts guessing game is a great way to learn your team member’s interests outside of a work environment. Jesse Sussman at MuseumHack thinks this is a “hilarious” way to get to know your remote team members and their personalities. Try out this high-energy and immersive virtual Jeopardy-style competition with your teammates.

Virtual Team Building Icebreakers Easy

Similar to sharing pictures, we love this activity because it is simple, you can learn a lot about your employee’s sense of humor, and they involve everyone. If someone can’t think of an answer or repeats one, the game ends, and the loser needs to choose the next team meeting category. They can put this on a shared document or an online whiteboard to generate the list quickly.

At the end of the year, you use the responses to find common themes and create your own culture book. If you have too many ideas to decide, consider letting your employees have a say. Send out your top 10 themes in a TINYpulse survey and ask your employees to rank each one.

Your team will work together to build, decorate and donate bikes to a local children’s charity. You can create the scavenger hunt yourself, or you can use an app like GooseChase to facilitate it. Team members can use it to communicate personal motivating messages of congratulations, and may even realize that they have more in common than they thought. However, this strategy doesn’t just apply to large work events. But don’t worry, this version of the game doesn’t involve alcohol or explicit stories. The team can then take turns to recognize what’s true and what the lie is.

Bucket List Challenge

Give prizes to the individual or team that solves the puzzle first. One player thinks of a word or phrase, and other players guess that word using only letters. For a more advanced version of the game, include numbers and symbols as well. For example, guessing “A day @ the #1 park” may be a little tricky.

Gift-giving not only gives employees something to look forward to, but it allows team members to form a deeper bond and feel thankful for one another. For large teams that are dispersed internationally, encourage team members to buy something that is specific to their country and culture. It also lets people know when team members will be unavailable, which is beneficial for managing team effectiveness, communication and collaboration.

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