Studies got a preliminary intimate experience of Natasha Yar in 2364

Tasha Yar observed you to Study viewed the nation into the ask yourself out-of a young child. Throughout the his solution Analysis got befriended multiple youngsters. Analysis befriended a keen alien woman entitled Sarjenka for the admission of best directive. To decrease the damage, Picard purchased Dr. Pulaski to help you erase Sarjenka’s memories. ( TNG : » Pencil Pals «) Studies befriended a great ten-year-dated man called Timothy immediately after Timothy is orphaned regarding the explosion one shed the latest Vico. Timothy wanted to feel not able to feelings such as Investigation while the he wrongfully blamed himself on the Vico’s destruction, thus he pretended becoming an android and you will made an effort to imitate Analysis in every method. ( TNG : » Hero-worship «) Data befriended an enthusiastic alien lady entitled Gia when he destroyed his memory on the Barkon IV. This relationship are just like his relationship which have Sarjenka, simply now, it had been Studies exactly who destroyed all recollections of your friendship, therefore the boy who remember him. ( TNG : » Thine Very own Notice «)


While the a keen unemotional member of this new team, and you can a respected coach towards captain, Data mutual of a lot similarities to Spock onboard the initial USS Firm. But not, where Spock tend to noticed himself to be much better than Human beings, Data aspired to-be much more Individual (Studies once stated that which have zero attitude produced your closer to Vulcans than simply Individuals, but he discovered their stark beliefs getting limited). The fresh evaluate between the two was instantly apparent on them when it fulfilled with the Romulus. Spock noted you to definitely Data’s complete decreased emotion and you can premium bodily prospective had been characteristics to which Vulcans aspired, but Study planned to be more Individual. Charlotte local hookup Study detailed you to definitely once the a half-Peoples, Spock quit exactly what Analysis got looked for their very existence from the choosing the new Vulcan life style. ( TNG : » Unification I «, » Unification II «)


Study are developed with several techniques and you can was «totally practical.» Research had a sexual relationship with Natasha Yar into the influence off polywater intoxication and experimented with a partnership which have Jenna D’Sora when you look at the late 2367. ( TNG : » The latest Naked Today «, » In principle «) Within the 2373, the latest Borg King seduced your in order to persuade Studies to participate the brand new Borg’s produce. ( Star Trek: Very first Contact )

Natasha Yar

Yar is at minimum slightly drawn to Research along with gender with him when you are intoxicated by polywater intoxication. She afterwards advised him the experience «never occurred.» ( TNG : » The brand new Nude Now «) Research, given that he’s got perfect memory (they can contemplate whatever keeps actually ever took place to him such it simply happened), still noticed an alternate link with Tasha. The guy kept good holographic picture of Tasha to remember this lady. Whenever Data’s legal rights since an excellent sentient getting have been titled to your concern, their romantic stumble on which have Tasha is a powerful determine having Court Phillipa Louvois so you can laws you to Analysis was good sentient lifeform. ( TNG : » New Way of measuring A person «) Los angeles Forge and you will Wesley Crusher receive the latest holoimage after they visited Data’s house once his obvious dying during the 2366. ( TNG : » Many Playthings «)

Jenna D’Sora

In late 2367, Lieutenant Jenna D’Sora located herself in love with Studies. Once she expressed her love to have him from the kissing him on the latest mouth, Data requested his members of the family for advice on how to handle it, and decided to follow the relationship. Since the he previously zero actual emotions otherwise attitude, Analysis composed yet another program inside the neural net to compliment your from intricacies out-of like. Yet not, just like the his reference to Jenna progressed, Data discovered that inside the relationship, the fresh logical path is not always the most appropriate.

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